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  • Vinyl Record Sleeve Bin - Airwood Design
  • MIX vinyl record storage - stacked bottom image - Airwood Design
  • MIX vinyl record storage - stacked top image - Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Sleeve Bin - Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Sleeve Bin - Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Sleeve Bin - Airwood Design
  • Airwood Design vinyl record storage MIX detail

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Rockstar Vinyl Record Storage

Extra poly sleeves, the necessary evil of collectors worldwide. They're either always in the way, being damaged or wrinkled or relegated to a life at the bottom of a dresser drawer...until now. Finally! a bin dedicated to safely storing those sleeves alongside your collection. Each bin can be stacked under/over our record crates and 4 of them is equal in height to 1 crate. We did the math, and it really does work out. Do it for the sleeves!

    Showcase Your Vinyl Records

    Take your collection to the next level, literally. Adding one of our sleeve bins elevates your stack of crates by 3.5" and keeps those poly sleeves easily accessible & close at hand. Whew! now that problem is solved, time to add more records.

    • SPECS
    • -Stores poly sleeves, books, accessories, etc...
      -Integrates seamlessly with all other MIX products
      -4 sleeve bins stacked is equal in height to 1 record crate

    • Each MIX Crate, Bin & Base Unit can be easily assembled with the included tool, fasteners & illustrated step-by-step instruction guide, 8 screws & less than 5 minutes is all it takes...REALLY, these are incredibly easy to put together! click here for PDF instructions

    • -Outer dimensions: 14" x 14" x 3.5"
      -Inner dimensions: 12.875" x 13" x 2.5"
      -Weight: approximately 7 lbs

    • Parts for all MIX Crates, Bins & Base Units are precision machined from 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood. Each sheet of plywood is comprised of 9 alternating solid birch plies, providing strength, excellent screw-holding capability and an attractive edge. The fasteners for every MIX product are made specifically for use with 1/2" plywood, and feature Torx slotted heads. Not only do these screws work great, they look incredible as well!

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