Vinyl Record Cube

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  • Vinyl Record Cube Crate with LP Dividers by Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Cube Crate with LP Dividers by Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Cube Crate by Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Cube Crate 4up by Airwood Design
  • Vinyl Record Crate and Accessory Cabinet Wall by Airwood Design

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VINYL RECORD CUBE by Airwood Design

Designed & built by record enthusiasts, for collectors with any number of albums, the Vinyl Record Cube is sure to be a stylish storage solution that will last a lifetime. Works perfectly with our line of laser engraved Record Dividers!


🔺Solid sides and bottom
🔺Handmade from select 5/8" 11-ply baltic birch
🔺Modular & Stackable
🔺Holds approximately 60-70 LPs


🔺Solid sides and bottom easily allow you to sort, remove and replace LPs without the fear of damaging covers on sides with openings.

🔺The outer dimensions of each Deep Groove Crate and Cube is an exact cube, making them perfect for stacking or arranging in any configuration, vertically or horizontally.
The ability to expand your storage as your collection grows can't be underestimated.

🔺With inner dimensions of 13.25" x 13.25 x 13", there is enough space to comfortably store covers housed in oversized poly sleeves.


🔺Baltic birch plywood is a material well-known for a consistent color and grain pattern.
It's ideal for record crates and cabinets because the 11 ply's of solid birch veneer that makes up the core, provide superior screw holding ability, unlike other conventional plywood that is made from softer core woods and is full of voids.
Plus, the euro-style edges make for a more attractive end product.

🔺Every cube is assembled with special coarse thread plywood screws at 8 points for a durable construction that won't separate, then all screw holes are plugged with solid maple, cut flush and sanded with a fine grit paper.

🔺Once fully assembled and sanded, each cube is hand-rubbed with a clear poly and sanded with a super fine 800 grit paper for an ultra smooth finish, both inside and out.


Outer: Width 14.5" Depth 14.5" Height 14.5"

Inner: Width 13.25" Depth 13.25" Height 13"


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This item does not include divider cards or albums
Each crate is a unique handmade item, variations in color and wood grain may occur
We strongly recommend wall anchoring each crate stacked more than 3 units high